Getting 1800s with it.

Final Project Proposal

I would like to use Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley as my texts for the final project. Foer’s work was an inspiration to me and I feel Frankenstein juxtaposes nicely with what I want to explore in this final. Using these texts, I want to compare and contrast the themes contained within both. These themes will include such as the nature present in each text, the idea and reality of a descent into madness and the theme of creation. My project will be submitted in the form of a written essay.


Comments on: "Final Project Proposal" (3)

  1. I got somewhat lost in the writing here and don’t quite understand your topic. Can you take a look at the post again and clarify in a response? Then, email me to let me know that you’ve done this so I can come back and take a look.

  2. I want to use the above texts to write about the themes of nature (how nature is used similarly or differently in each), a descent into madness (Foer’s narrator’s father and Frankenstein) and creation (Foer with the layout of Tree of Codes, Frankenstein with the creation of the monster himself).

    • Caught your email going into spam (sigh).

      You’ve identified themes, but what will you do with them? They don’t seem related to each other. How does creation of the creature relate to the creation of a form of media? And where does nature tie in? and madness? It’s too much. Focus it.

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